As a former managing director of DISSING+WEITLING, and present Design Director at the firm, Poul Ove Jensen has extensive experience in the directing and management of project groups as well as concept development and detailed design. Poul Ove is a leading international bridge architect, who is recognized for his profound understanding of structure, his innate capability to fuse structure with aesthetics, and his hands-on participation in the creative process. His involvement in a project ensures that the completed bridge will be of high aesthetic quality, and will stand as an example of world-class design. In addition to his project work, Poul Ove is a much sought after lecturer on the international stage on the subject of bridge design. Poul Ove Jensen has particular expertise in complex, multi-disciplinary teamwork providing expert advice, support and recommendations on all aspects associated with the aesthetic appearance of significant bridge and tunnel projects. His expertise covers all project stages, and focuses on the appearance of the major structures and the consideration of all interfaces, including landscape design, project consultants, and specialist organisations.